Programs and Services
Surrender Your Pet
We understand how hard it can be when faced with the decision to give up a beloved pet. Thank you for making the choice to surrender your animal responsibility so that he or she will be safe and humanely cared for. Read More
Spay and Neuter
Rifle Animal Shelter provides financial assistance to help with spaying and neutering your pets in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation. Read More
Rifle Animal Shelter provides microchipping for your cat or dog. The cost is only $20 per pet. This charge includes microchip registration. Read More
Free Roaming Fix
Rifle Animal Shelter truly cares about the free roaming cats in our community and will always do our best to help the cats and the people who care for them. Read More
Local Resources for Pet Owners
A list of local vets, stores, trainers, groomers and kennels for your pets' needs. Read More

Garfield County Animal Welfare Foundation, Inc.’s Form 990 tax returns, governing documents, and conflict of interest policy are available by sending a request by to The year-end financial statements for Garfield County Animal Welfare Foundation, Inc. are available on the Colorado Secretary of State’s charitable registration website.